No wonder people download television shows

Thursday 5 September, 2013, 2:00am

Let’s look at what is on TV:

  • Songs of Praise (hymns, ugh! It’s bad enough that people believe in a god, I don’t need to hear them whining about it to organ music)
  • Latter half of Misbehaving Mums To Be
  • Programs Resume at 6am (didn’t we stop doing that in the 70s?)
  • Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • TV Shop – Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • TMZ (shoot me before I ever want to watch a bunch of pathetic losers try to make themselves feel like their existence is somehow not completely pointless (note: it is) by harassing and belittling celebrities)
  • TV Shop – Home Shopping (until 4:30)
  • Home Shopping (until 5:00)
  • Major League Baseball (until at least 6:00)
  • Judging Amy (not a show I am interested in, but at least it is a real show!).
  • The latter half of a movie, Heartbreak Hotel (from Sweden, in Swedish)
  • Weatherwatch Overnight

No wonder people are so unreserved about downloading TV shows illegally.

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