The extremely obvious solution for illegal boat people in Australia

Both parties have been issuing rhetoric about the problem of the illegal boat people (for example, the Liberal Party talk about them here (linked from the Liberal Party policy page), and of course there is Prime Minister Rudd with his Papua New Guinea solution).

But all these discussions seem to be missing the single most obvious solution: if these boat people are illegal, then one simply has to try them in court under the relevant laws. Why come up with all these whacky ways of solving a problem when there is already a legal framework for dealing with it? Like, hello! It’s not rocket surgery. I should be Prime Minister!

I had a look and I couldn’t personally find the part of the law that states that the asylum seekers are illegal, but of course I am not a lawyer and I know it must be in there somewhere because our leaders are saying it, and surely they would never be so dishonest as to spread lies to the Australian people that they wish to represent.

2 thoughts on “The extremely obvious solution for illegal boat people in Australia

  1. B says:

    Ha ha. Yes. Well. Well put.

  2. Food for thought says:

    Whilst fact-checking the Opposition, according to Auntie:

    “Based on the definition set out in the people smuggling protocol, people who have come to Australia without a valid visa have illegally entered the country.”
    “That is the case even though these people have not committed any crime, nor broken any Australian or international law.”

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