No wonder people download television shows

Thursday 5 September, 2013, 2:00am

Let’s look at what is on TV:

  • Songs of Praise (hymns, ugh! It’s bad enough that people believe in a god, I don’t need to hear them whining about it to organ music)
  • Latter half of Misbehaving Mums To Be
  • Programs Resume at 6am (didn’t we stop doing that in the 70s?)
  • Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • TV Shop – Home Shopping (until 3:30)
  • TMZ (shoot me before I ever want to watch a bunch of pathetic losers try to make themselves feel like their existence is somehow not completely pointless (note: it is) by harassing and belittling celebrities)
  • TV Shop – Home Shopping (until 4:30)
  • Home Shopping (until 5:00)
  • Major League Baseball (until at least 6:00)
  • Judging Amy (not a show I am interested in, but at least it is a real show!).
  • The latter half of a movie, Heartbreak Hotel (from Sweden, in Swedish)
  • Weatherwatch Overnight

No wonder people are so unreserved about downloading TV shows illegally.

Power, and gambling, and women

I love this new ad for Betfair:

It’s great to be reminded that women are just cheap sex objects waiting to be bought as playthings – to be paraded around in their underwear in front of one’s friends – by anyone with a little power. It’s a timely reminder of the fact that all women are just dirty whores, waiting to wrap their legs around any man who is powerful enough to gamble from his living room.

Well done Betfair, don’t let all those nasty feminists block our right to misogyny! Put the women back in the kitchen where they belong! You should be commended; you are doing a great public service by letting women gamble online so they have one less reason to leave the house.