A fault and batteries

Dear Coles,
Might I suggest that you forgo just *one* of the twelve different types of AA battery (or at least limit each kind to just one slot) and throw in a few of the other commonly used battery types?


Luckily, Chemist Warehouse was able to give me some CR2032 batteries, which I use to power 4 things in my home. Sure, they had to limit themselves to only eleven kinds of AA battery, but look how many kinds of button cell (I count at least 16) they were able to cram in to about the same amount of space as Coles:


Dollar Dazzlers

Coles supermarkets apparently have a promotion going called “Dollar dazzlers”.

Dollar Dazzlers 1

Here are their dollar dazzler products:

Dollar Dazzlers 2

I apologise for the fuzziness of the photo, but every single one of those products is two dollars. How is it a “dollar” (singular) dazzler if the products cost more than a dollar?