One nation : One brain cell

One Nation, the back-country bogan’s favourite political party, is back!

Unfortunately, they may not quite be ready. Stephanie Banister has put her foot in her mouth a little at this interview.

She says that Channel 7 used fancy editing to make her look like an idiot. And I have no doubts that a commercial news network would twist a quote or two around to spice up a story. But you can’t exactly Photoshop a Mona Lisa from a stick figure – you need something to work with.

The worst part about her racism is how uneducated it is. If you are going to:

a) be passionate about something (such as racism, GLBTQI rights, religion, the role of the nobility in agrarian cultural revolution); and

b) proselytise your views

then you have a responsibility to at least do some basic research first! It’s one thing to be a racist because you aren’t sure why but your dad always hated those bloody foreign bastards and everyone knows the abos are just a bunch of drunks who don’t want to work and those curry munchers are taking all the good jobs away from Aussies. Ignorance like that is sad, but at least you are keeping it mostly to yourself.

But to stand up in front of a nation and try and convince people to hold a view that you clearly don’t understand? Priceless! Do you know how many times I have been on TV trying to convince people that Australia should introduce a Keynesian economic system? None. And not because no TV show will have me (though they won’t), but because I have no idea what a Keynesian economic system is. In fact, we might already have one. Maybe we are getting one in 2016?

In a way idiocy like Ms Banister’s could be seen as a positive thing, because it highlights how ridiculous racism actually is. Let’s hope a few racists hear how stupid they sound and start to rethink their own views. At the very least, she has given us all the opportunity for a good laugh (albeit with mildly uncomfortable undertones).

One thought on “One nation : One brain cell

  1. LondonCalling0033 says:

    Stephanie Bannister is a sheep fucker…or is it a kangaroo ?
    Chee, I don’t really know the difference but does it really matter as long as my I get my bimbo face on TV cos I can say anything on TV and it must be right cos I said it on TV

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