Myki misdirection

Myki is the much criticised train and tram ticketing system used in Melbourne, Australia.

The big problems have pretty much been covered by other people, so I’m just going to highlight one of the silly little ones.

To “top up” my Myki card, I used to go to and log in; at which point it would for some reason change me to the domain (as if the stutter somehow made it possible to add credit to my account).

Well, it is a brave new world now, and all of that has changed. Now when I go to, it redirects me to Apparently this is my “central stop for myki information and services“. If I want to buy a myki, top up my existing one, or register one against my account I can click the appropriate link…all of which will then invariably redirect me to!

So what is the point of the intermediate step of directing people to the PTV website? The only reason I ever went to the Myki website was to manage my account. All they have done is create a nonsensical situation where if you type in “myki” you get sent somewhere else, but if you type in the silly  stuttering “mymyki” you get exactly what you are looking for. Nice work!

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