Misuse of sexual assault as a political tool

It’s a bit dated now, but this has always bugged me. During the Occupy Melbourne protests, the protestors were ordered to remove any tents. One person wore a tent as an outfit, then claimed she was being sexually assaulted when the police came and removed the tent (as they had been ordered to do; and the person in question was warned of this). Here is a video.

This made me so very very angry. Sexual assault is a horrible, awful crime that has long-lasting impact on its victims. The person in this video knew full well what was going to happen, and deliberately set herself up so that she could use the claim of sexual assault as a political tool. It disgusts me. If sexual assault weren’t so darn horrible, I would wish that she were a victim of it so she could truly understand the difference.

Maybe she should spend some time with people from a country where rape is really used as a political tool so she can get some perspective.

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