And so it begins…

So here I am, 15 years after they became popular, finally starting a blog.

Why? Well, I guess I’m just tired of people being tired of my opinions on everything.

If a central theme emerges from this blog, I imagine it will be along the lines of “people are idiots”. If the theme turns out to be something else later, such as “there is too much violence in boxing” or “advertising has become too commercial”, then I reserve the right to modify this post later to make it look like I knew what I was doing from the beginning.

“People are idiots” is a reasonably broad statement, and some people may even take offense . In fact, it is entirely possible that you have met one or two people who are not idiots. But if you get a large enough group of people together, one of them will eventually do something that seems stupid to the others. Most of the things that frustrate me in my life can be traced back to someone doing something idiotic. And I’m no exception; I know I’ve frustrated others by doing things that seem idiotic to them.

Why do people do stupid things? Well, there’s a whole variety of reasons. Over time this blog will address them all, and then some, offering some hopefully useful insights into human nature along the way.

So who am I?

I am a business analyst, so the ability to understand people and the kind of idiotic things that they (or more realistically, a small percentage of them) will do is very important for my job.

I love to learn new things, but I only enjoy learning the interesting stuff. I’m not too keen on furthering my formal education because that forces one to learn a bunch of boring bits as well. My preferred method is just to read a whole lot of stuff about a whole lot of topics and then forget most of the details. What remains in my head is mostly useless but often interesting.

About ten years ago, Ms Briggs and her daughter Ms Myers huddled together and whispered intensely; then they turned, pointed at me and proclaimed “ENFP!”.

Actually, I didn’t really have a conversation with two dead women. That was just a metaphor, simile, or aphorism (I never bothered to learn which was which except that it is definitely not an aphorism). It is true though that I was ENFP, though that may have changed in the intervening decade.

Lastly, the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, which in spite of its name turns out not to be a Nazi torture device, says that I am blue and yellow. When I was put under pressure, I blue myself right off the chart! It also said I am very critical. I certainly agree to that; one of my strengths is my ability to find fault in everything (one of my weaknesses is in how I react to the faults that I find).

In conclusion, you will find two Cs and see one I.

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